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Travel Budget Management

At Key Travel we know that for most organisations, travel is the largest operating expense after payroll and for the average charity or university, this can quickly become a six or seven figure sum.

A few simple changes can lead to savings of up to 20% on your travel budget

No matter the size of your organisation, Key Travel can help you with your travel budget management, allowing you to better understand where savings opportunities are being missed, and identify areas where there is scope to reduce travel costs.

Our tried and tested travel cost reduction programme allows us to look at reports and analyse your buying behaviours. We can then suggest ways in which you can easily gain better control, leading to proven travel cost reductions of up to 20%. You can make a positive difference to your travel budget management by making a few simple changes.

Our Account Managers will be happy to sit down with you and make recommendations for better travel budget management, working with you on an ongoing basis to periodically review how your cost reduction programme is going.

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