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Dedicated hotel programme development

The International Growth Centre (IGC) Research Institute, based jointly at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Oxford University, provides advice on economic growth to governments of developing countries. The IGC has 15 country programmes in 14 countries.

The situation:

Examining their existing strategy for sourcing and paying for accommodation, IGC identified that their current procedure was inefficient. Their credit card policy required staff to apply for cash advances in order to pay for hotel room nights on departure, meaning staff were required to carry an excess of cash whilst travelling. They wanted to improve their procedures for securing hotel room nights and have the ability to pay in advance, taking advantage of savings.

The solution:

By understanding the organisation’s travel programme requirements, a plan including full training was agreed and the necessary actions were taken. Key Travel was able to:

  • Offer a broad range of individually negotiated contracts with major hotel chains
  • Provide access to Key Travel Online, enabling IGC travellers to use a prepaid solution in destinations where payment options are limited, ensuring they have access to the best available rates and conditions, and instant booking confirmation
  • Provide access to a dedicated team of agents who can be contacted by telephone or email for any additional travel programme requirements.
  • Integrate booking records into KT Risk Manager, ensuring that in the event of a crisis, the organisation could track travellers in real time with ‘who is where’ reporting. 


The results:

After the first year, 97% of all hotel bookings were fulfilled online with preferred hotels, improving the booking process for the administrators and ensuring the organisation’s travel policy was adhered to. Choosing Key Travel gave the client access to data, tools and best practices to benchmark and evolve their travel programme, helping them maximise their savings quickly. Further development of the travel programme will focus on plans to implement additional hotels and destinations, including targeting greater discounts and a wider choice of hotels using our extensive sourcing expertise.


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