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Implementing an online tool

Trinity College London is an international exam board that has been providing assessments since 1877. Each year over 600,000 candidates in over 60 countries take a Trinity assessment and their international network is growing fast.

The situation:

As an international exam board, most of the travellers are examiners who are required to travel to multiple overseas destinations. Historically managed centrally, the process of booking travel frequently was complex and demanding.

The solution:

Following a detailed travel programme assessment and with a full understanding of the travel programme requirements, an implementation and training plan was agreed. With the support of senior management within Trinity College, Key Travel was able to:

  • Develop and reinforce the travel policy to book online, with the teams who would benefit most from making online reservations.
  • Implement comprehensive one to one staff training, on the use of the online reporting tool, provided to specially appointed staff.
  • Provide access to a dedicated team of agents who can be contacted by telephone or email for any additional travel programme requirements.
  • Fully integrate booking records into KT Risk Manager, ensuring that in the event of a crisis, travellers could be tracked in real time (‘who  is where’).
  • Provide timely and accurate management information to support objectives of the project and reinforce the importance of the cultural and process changes being made. This was achieved using the MI reporting tool within the online suite solution.


The results:

The dedicated “online booking” implementation & roll out programme has:

  • Streamlined the booking process, saving bookers valuable time.
  • Reduced booking fees.
  • Freed up staff capacity to concentrate on supporting high value & complex travel plans.
  • Reduced booking mistakes and travel issues.


On appointing Key Travel, we have been pleased to find them responsive to our large and complex set-up requirements. It is our intention to drive as many bookings through the online method as possible and continue to work with Key to improve and build upon the process and cost advantages which come with it.” 

John McAra, Head of Procurement


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