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'Fly a Forest' with Key Travel Brussels

02 November 2009 12:33

For each flight booked with Key Travel Brussels in November, we will plant a tree.

 Key Travel's campaign is being carried out in partnership with De Bosgroep, a not-for-profit organisation created in collaboration with the ANB (Belgian Agency for Nature and Forestry).

We will plant 1 tree for each flight booked via Key Travel Brussels, regardless of whether it is short or long-haul

1 tree absorbs on average 5 tonnes of CO2 in its lifetime. So by planting 1 tree, the absorption equates to the amount of CO2 emitted from 50 European flights or 8 flights to Africa.

About De Bosgroep

De Bosgroep brings together private and public forestry owners and helps them with durable forestry management through the following principles:

Economic Durability - finding the right and ecological consumption of wood

Social Durability - helping owners to open their woods to the public and creating recreation without damaging the natural environment

Ecological Durability - ensuring a good balance between the different native tree species

Bosgroep is in charge of 70% of all Flemish woods, equating to 105,000 hectares, and gives owners technical advice on topics such as the quality of soil and the environment, and then helps them with the selection and purchase of trees that are suitable for the natural environment area.

Bosgroep is actively working with Flanders 1.000.000, the flemish participation in a global initiative from the UN to plant 7 billion trees on the planet.

To make a booking with our Brussels office, call +32 (0) 2 627 5300

We look forward to your support in getting as many trees planted as possible - help us to grow a Key Travel forest! 


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