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Key Travel launches new system

17 April 2009 13:06

Key Travel recently launched a new booking and business information system and we're delighted to say it is working well.

A reminder of the benefits:


Our itineraries now show multiple travel products (i.e. flights, hotels, car hire) in one itinerary.

If changes are made to a booking, your itinerary reference number remains the same.

Other key improvements are that our itineraries will now show the full first name of the traveller, meaning less scope for errors in the spelling of names; as well as urgent messages and the status of the itinerary (quote, option, confirmed, cancelled) are displayed at the top of the itinerary.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to please check your itinerary as soon as you receive it, alerting us as soon as possible to anything that is incorrect. Failure to do so may result in amendment fees being applied.


Invoices are also clearer and again you will receive one invoice per multi product itinerary (with the exception of our specialist visa and online rail products).

Management Information

For those of you interested in tracking traveller spend, will are now able to collect more data on alternative fares available at the time of booking.

All of these changes are designed to make the booking process faster and more streamlined and allow the capture of richer information to allow you to gain a better insight into travel behaviour and greater control of your travel spend.


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