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Reservation Team Restructure

18 September 2009 12:42

Monday 21st September 2009, saw the completion of Project Leapfrog, our jump to improved service through the creation of dedicated teams.

As of this day we have changed the way our reservation teams are structured, in a move to construct specialist teams dedicated to client groups that share similar requirements.

 All clients affected by the change have been contacted, however if you have a booking enquiry and are unsure of which team to contact please use your existing contact details and you will be redirected to the appropriate team.

 If you don’t have a travel enquiry but are unsure of the details of your dedicated team please contact reception on 020 7843 9600 or who will be happy to help.

 The new Teams and Team Contact Details are as follows:

Blue Team: 02078439630

Orange Team: 02078439620

Gold Team: 08451220106

Ruby Team: 08451220102


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