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UK Airspace reopens

21 April 2010 11:37

As of 10pm on Tuesday 20th April, all UK airports have reopened.

It will take some time to get planes and crew in the right places in order for normal services to resume, so if you are scheduled to travel we recommend you check with the airline to ensure your flight is still operational.

So far we have found availability of flights in April is very limited and we do not anticipate this position to change.

If you wish to instigate the refund process on a ticket for a flight that was cancelled, please send an email to with the subject title 'Refund for cancelled flight'.

As before, we have every available resource working to support clients and are prioritising phone calls over emails, so you may experience longer response times than usual.

Once again we'd like to thank you for your patience during this very busy time.


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