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Key Travel boosts green credentials

15 September 2011 10:34

Key Travel, the leading provider of travel to the not-for-profit and academic sectors, has been awarded ISO 14001 certification in recognition of its high standard of environmental best practice.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management standard that is awarded to companies who are able to demonstrate their commitment to the environment by passing an audit endorsed by the International Organisation for Standardisation. Companies that pass the audit must demonstrate an understanding of the environmental impact of their work and take steps to minimise this impact.

Measures introduced by Key Travel to reduce the environmental impact of its work include regular environmental audits, the use of energy efficient computing platforms, electronic invoicing, a comprehensive recycling system and a sustainable sourcing policy for office supplies.

In addition, Key Travel has actively encouraged its clients to offset carbon emissions produced as a result of their travel through the use of a web-based Carbon Calculator. This produces a report of carbon emissions generated by travel which is sent to the client and provides various options for offsetting emissions.

Mark Pollard, Operations Manager of Key Travel, says: “This award is proof of the importance that Key Travel places on the environment. Staff at Key Travel have shown great initiative and commitment to meeting the highest standards in all aspects of their work and taking greater care of the world we live in.”       

In its accreditation report, the United Registrar of Systems, the organisation which carried out the audit, praised the company for making “a great deal of effort” to attain the standard. The report added that “particular attention has been given by Key Travel to the communication of the environmental aspects of the business to all staff, with managers working hard to develop the standard”.


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