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Change to Russian Visa Application Process

05 December 2014 13:30

From 10th December 2014, the Russian Embassy have changed the application process for UK citizens. You are now required to apply for Russian visa’s in person.

Biometric Data must be provided
Applicants will be required to provide Biometric Data (fingerprints) at the Russian Embassy for each of their applications for a Russian Visa.  Biometric data will not be collected when issuing diplomatic and official visas, nor for individuals under 12 years of age.

Change to Russian visa application process
The inclusion of biometric data within the application process will impact the way Key Travel manages Russian visa applications.

From the 10th December:
› Key Travel will continue to offer our clients a pre-check advisory service on Russian visa application forms.
› Travellers must submit their application in person to the Russian Embassy to provide fingerprints.
› Key Travel will continue to offer a visa collection and forwarding service to avoid a second visit*.

*The Russian Embassy currently offer a 24-hour (express) and a 5 day (standard) visa processing service.

If you have any questions or concerns over an existing Russian visa application please do not hesitate to contact us.


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