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Ebola screening begins at Heathrow

14 October 2014 14:22

From today, Tuesday 14th October, Ebola screening will begin at Heathrow Airport Terminal 1, before being extended to other terminals at Heathrow, Gatwick Airport and Eurostar Terminals next week.

Passengers arriving from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia will have their temperature taken and complete a questionnaire asking about their current health, recent travel history and whether they might be at potential risk through contact with Ebola patients. They will also be required to provide contact details.
Border Force officers will identify passengers to be screened and Nurses and Consultants from Public Health England will carry out the testing.
A Heathrow spokesperson said: "The welfare of our passengers and colleagues is always our main priority and we are working with Government to support the implementation of the screening measures as announced by the Health Secretary today."
"We would like to reassure passengers that the Government assesses the risk of a traveller contracting Ebola to be low."
The screening is expected to cause some distruption to all passengers.

For further information, please visit the FCO website


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