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Key Travel Boosts Risk Management Offering with ILS

22 November 2017 11:00

Key Travel, the leading International Travel Management Company serving the academic sector, has teamed up with International Location Safety (ILS) to enhance its travel risk management support offering.

Pre, post and in-trip support services including 24/7 emergency support, travel incident management and briefings, tracking, alerts and communications services are already offered by the University travel provider. ILS provide bespoke risk management support services - duty of care benchmark reviews, destination analysis, risk assessment, training programmes and GPS personal tracking for high risk travel.

“Improving risk management and fulfilling employer duty of care responsibilities has become a major priority for customers, particularly in the UK academic sector where the activities of our Universities become ever-more international,” says John O’Sullivan, Key Travel Group Marketing Director. “We rightly focus on risks surrounding travel but our customers are asking for broader support and we feel ILS has the expertise, experience and products to meet their needs.”

George Shaw, ILS Managing Director, says: “For too long now Travel Management and associated risks have been considered in isolation. We believe bringing Travel Management and Security Risk Management together is a logical and very important step that will enable Universities to better understand and fulfil duty of care obligations.”

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