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Italy: Air Transport strikes 9th October

07 October 2019 12:15

Due to 24-hour air transport sector strikes confirmed by some Italian trade unions for Wednesday 9th October, Alitalia has been forced to cancel several flights scheduled for that day, as well as some flights scheduled for the late evening of 8th October and the early morning of 10th October.

Flights set to operate on 9th October during the peak times between 7am to 10am and from 6pm to 9pm will operate as scheduled.

List of cancelled flights is available here.

Alitalia recommends that all customers due to fly on 9th October, as well as those travelling late on 8th October and early on 10th October, check the status of their flights before going to the airport on the website, or by calling the airline.

Travellers affected by cancellation or schedule changes of Alitalia flights from the late evening of 8th October to the early morning of 10th October can rebook their travel at no additional cost or penalty, or ask for a full ticket refund (only if the flight is cancelled or the delay on departure exceeds 5 hours) by 24th October.


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