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US Extend Travel Ban to Include the UK and Ireland

14 March 2020 17:48

The ban will be enforced from Monday 16th March 04:00 GMT (00:00 EST).

The US has this afternoon announced that they are extending their European travel ban to include both the UK and Ireland. This ban will come in to effect from Monday, until further notice.
More information can be found here:


For assistance regarding travel on or before 16th March please contact our Emergency Out of Hours team on 0207 843 9602. We have mobilised extra assistance on our Out of Hours team to be able to assist you, and they are doing everything they can to get to your call. For all other reservations please do not call our teams. Please send our teams an email changing the title of the email to ‘CHANGE – INSERT THE DATE OF TRAVEL’ or ‘CANCEL  INSERT THE DATE OF TRAVEL’. 
Many thanks for your understanding as we work round the clock to support our customers who are currently stranded and need our attention to return home.

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