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Watching Every Step: Enhancing Support for Sustainable Travel

15 September 2020 10:51

Throughout 2019, conversations about the environment and sustainable living were stimulated by activists around the world. However, in 2020, a destructive virus that has changed our living habits and limited our ability to travel.

Whilst the damaging impact to the travel sector is undeniable, the industry’s clients are also taking stock and thinking more carefully about the impact of every step they take once travel options reopen.

Increasingly, it is to the travel management companies that many are turning to seek assistance about how they can manage their journeys and experiences in a more environmentally informed way.    

A recent survey among our customers confirmed these trends.

Two out of five organisations felt that travel remains important to the future of business whilst indicating that they will be placing greater emphasis on sustainability, especially reducing their carbon footprint.

Eight out of ten expressed a view that they could do more in the fields of travel sustainability and environmental conservation.

The majority of those surveyed acknowledge that travel is vitally important for those providing humanitarian or spiritual support around the world or assisting the spread of knowledge  and for students who need to journey to cities around the globe to complete their studies. 

Here at Key Travel, we have been giving considerable thought as to how these essential journeys can be accomplished with environmentally lighter footsteps. 

The first step involves making it easier for our customers to measure the carbon they consume.

Our global booking platform allows for carbon data to be gathered and analysed. This can be done at an individual, department or organisation level. The carbon impact of each journey, via different transport modes can be easily compared.

We have also formed a new partnership with Cool Effect, to help our customers offset their carbon emissions. Cool Effect provides some of the world’s leading carbon credit products for projects all over the globe.  They carefully track the real impact of offsets.  Find out more about this partnership here.

We have in addition captured a set of ten best practices from organisations around the world to help our clients better manage the carbon impact of their travel programmes.

As a company we also recognise the need to lead by example. This is why we must reduce our own carbon footprint and are committed to being Carbon Neutral by 2025.

We know that it is vital we balance the best service possible for our customers whilst assisting them to lessen their carbon impact on our planet. It is an important part of our pledge to help customers “do good, better.”

Stay tuned for more updates from us.

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