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Management Information (MI)

We believe collecting data is a critical tool for managing travel spend and optimising travel programmes for organisations. More importantly, we aim to bring to life those flat data files into rich, thought-provoking reports that deliver value through improved risk management, governance and cost-saving opportunities to your travel programme.

Accessing your data online

If you would like to access your data quickly, we have provided a suite of online reports for you to download at your leisure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Saving Opportunities and Buying Behaviour

Through our comprehensive partnership management programme, we provide you with insight and advice on how to recognise your organisation's buying behaviours and identify opportunities to save. 

Taking care of employees whilst travelling

Centralising data allows you to instantly locate and communicate with your employees, wherever they may be in the world. 


Furthermore, this allows us to quickly identify any affected bookers and travellers in the event of an incident and to immediately implement a crisis management procedure.

Carbon Reporting

We automatically collect distance data in kilometres for flights and rail travel worldwide and provide you with a report in line with the latest DEFRA conversion methodology to calculate CO2 emissions. 

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