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Passport and visa services

At Key Travel, we take away the hassle of complex and time-consuming visa applications and passport renewals. 

Keeping up to date with the latest rules, regulations and bureaucracies of different countries can be complex. Enjoy the peace of mind that we’ll do the hard work for you, so you can focus on the purpose of your trip.

Please follow the links below to begin a passport and visa application or get the latest advice and guidance on travel requirements.


Europe - Coming soon

North America - For details on our North America service please click here.

Through Key Travel and CIBTvisas’s partnership, you will benefit from: Key Travel’s new passport and visa service will be available from 1st April 2020 – working in partnership with CIBTvisas

  • Global passport and visa services: including travel visas to over 200 countries, electronic visas, passport renewals and legalisations

  • Advice and information: access to the latest information on embassy requirements, sourced locally from experts on the ground

  • Visa alerts: emailed notifications triggered by confirmed flight bookings, providing a call to action where a visa may be required

  • Real-time order tracking: through an online tracking tool, allowing convenient and up to date tracking of applications


Please note that given the current situation with the temporary closure of many embassies and consulates worldwide, CIBT are limited in their ability to process new applications at this time. CIBT are still able to provide advice and guidance, and can support where possible.

Please see below for FAQ’s related to the new service:

Q: “I have an application in flight at the point of transition – what do I do?”

A: If you have a passport or visa application being processed on or around April 1st, please rest assured that no further action will be required on your part. Key Travel is working closely with CIBTvisas to ensure all in flight applications at the point of transition are tracked and monitored, and there will be no interruption to service.

Q: “Where do I post or courier documentation to now?”

A: From 31st March, should you need to send any supporting documentation or post anything further to us with regards to your application, please use the following address:

FAO: Key Travel
CIBTvisas - Urgent
PO BOX 61744

Q: “Will I still be dealing with the same team?”

A: We are pleased to confirm that the UK Visa team will transition over to CIBT visas on April 1st, and continue to serve our customers with the same level of dedication and experience you have become used to.