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Amadeus Mobile Messenger

At Key Travel, we understand the world can be an unpredictable place and when the unpredicted happens, it can leave those involved feeling vulnerable, disoriented and uncertain of what to do. This is why we're bringing our customers Mobile Messenger.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger: What is it?

We have partnered with technology giant Amadeus to offer our customers Mobile Messenger – a mobile tracking and risk management app, and cloud-hosted secure portal for both travellers and security managers.

What does it do?

  • The tool can easily locate, communicate with and assist travellers
  • Alerts travellers to disruptive incidents such as airline strikes and natural disasters
  • Alerts are delivered via app, SMS and email to travellers hand-held devices

Delivering peace of mind

From group tracking and messaging, to risk intelligence and itinerary management, security managers can have peace of mind knowing they can both locate and take care of travellers through one secure, cloud-hosted portal. Fast and efficient incident and risk management information can be sent as an alert to your travellers' hand-held device via push notifications within a user-friendly app or SMS and email.

Practical assistance

Security managers and travel managers can view alerts and advisories that affect their travellers and communicate directly for a speedy response and resolution. Discretionary add-ons, depending on the needs of the organisation, include flight monitoring, asset management and scheduled reporting.

Locate, communicate and assist

At the touch of a button, the technology allows for:-

  • Instantaneous, two-way communication between your organisation and traveller at any time
  • Provision of practical assistance, real-time and automated updates, improved traveller well-being and security
  • Fulfilment of duty of care obligations
  • A complement to your risk management strategy

Traveller App

The app delivers global risk alerts and pre-trip briefings directly to the travellers' hand-held device in 3 ways

  • In app communication
  • SMS
  • Email

The app enables enhanced messaging and GPS location request for staff who have a current or future trip reservation with Key Travel.

The app is available to download via iTunesGoogle Play and Windows Store. Once downloaded:

  • Register using the same mobile and email as present in the travel reservation
  • Enable push notifications
  • Access WiFi or mobile data


What our partner says

“Airlines strikes, severe weather incidents and real or imagined security alerts – just one of these is all you need to turn a routine trip into a nightmare,” states our partner - global technology leader Amadeus.

Getting started

This risk management tool is available to you now. To find out more about the product and to enquire about costs, please contact +44 (0) 20 7843 9660 or email

Download the product sheet here.


*please note the Amadeus Mobile Messenger app and Key Travel app are separate applications. For information on the Key Travel app, click here

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