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Compassion Matters

Compassion is a key component of our culture and values. Our customers show compassion as they support, heal and educate people around the world. We show compassion when we consider the needs of our customers in every booking and interaction as well as in every process, product, system and service development we provide.

Village by Village Visit 2018 Village by Village Visit 2019


As a part of our compassion initiative, we select a Charity of the Year. For the past 3 years, we have had the honor of working with Village by Village, a small NGO in Africa that works to reduce the needless suffering of children in poverty. Each year, Key Travel holds fundraisers for the organization and plans a yearly trip to visit Village by Village’s current projects. Key Travel is happy to further the contributions of each employee by matching donations at the end of each fiscal year.

Village by Village hopes to improve sanitation and hygiene education within the community. Some already completed projects include:

    - Scholarships for students
    - Water harvesting
    - School toilet facility
    - School hygiene education program
    - Kindergarten building
    - Junior high school
    - And much more!

You can learn more about our trips in 2018 and 2019.


With the help of Key Travel's Culture Club, our North America team supports local charities throughout the year. We host food drives, clothing drives, and a holiday gift donation program where we provide gifts for two local families during the holidays. We also coordinate a group volunteer event to a local nutrition center that provides meals to individuals battling life-threatening illnesses.


To support our culture of compassion and impact on an individual level, Key Travel provides each employee one paid volunteer day during the year to volunteer with a local charity. Employees select the charity of their choosing and support causes from climate change to the feeding the hungry.

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