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Village by Village Visit 2018

For the last few years, we've supported Village by Village, a small non-profit organization that is making a big difference in Ghana, Africa. This year, a group of Key Travel staff visited the villages of Abenta and Obom to tour the different projects that Village by Village supports. The group had an amazing time experiencing the local hospitality, touring various schools, and meeting the village Chief!

A week to remember

A packed itinerary began with a visit to the village of Abenta, Village by Village's current home base. During their time in Abenta, the team interacted with the children, met with members of the community, and had a delicious Ghanaian meal prepared for them by a local family.

To learn more about the Abenta program, click here.

In the village of Obom, the team toured the primary school that Key Travel helped build last year, and saw a secondary school that we hope to raise funds to finish. The team also attended a community meeting and had a dance-off with the children! The trip ended with a visit to Kakum National Park and a couple of days' of relaxation on the beach.

Village by Village created a video of the team's time in Ghana where you can hear more their experiences.


"Visiting Village by Village was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. Village by Village is a great organization that is truly making an impact on the entire Abenta and Obom community."

Lauren Burrell
Marketing Manager, NA