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Village by Village Visit 2019

Each year, Key Travel recognizes and celebrates a group of our high performing colleagues through the annual Ghana Incentive Trip. These colleagues live and breathe our values of Impact, Simplicity and Compassion and voted for the trip by their peers. During their visit, the group visited our charity partner of the year, Village by Village. Village by Village is a small non-profit organization that is making a big difference in Ghana, Africa.  The group had an amazing time experiencing the local hospitality, attending the grand opening of the new junior high school, and learning about the many projects Village by Village is working on.

Visiting Abenta and Obom

The trip began with a visit to the village of Abenta, Village by Village's current home base. During their time in Abenta, the team interacted with the children, met with members of the community, including the village chief, and had a delicious Ghanaian meal prepared for them by a local family. One of the most special moments of the trip was attending the grand opening of a new Junior High school that was recently built in the village of Obom. Key Travel is honored to be a contributor to the building of the school. The new building allows the village to educate more children in the community!

During their visit, the group learned about many of projects Village by Village is currently working on. One of the newer projects is Cycle 2 Success. Cycle 2 Success hopes to reduce the stress of getting to school by providing bicycles to students. Many children in the Abenta community have to walk miles just to get to school each day and the bicycles cut their commute drastically!

After departing Abenta, the team headed to the Cape Coast for well-deserved fun and relaxation!

We would like to thank Air France KLM for sponsoring the flights to Ghana, and to Michael Rainford from KLM for joining our group on this great trip!

Village by Village shared this video of the team's experience in Ghana.


It was a privilege to share the Ghana experience with an amazing group of Key Travel colleagues as well as Michael Rainford, AF/KLM. There were many emotions experienced by each of us. In the end, my resonating emotion was gratitude. Gratitude to Key Travel for supporting Village by Village, gratitude to the VBV staff who were simply amazing, fun and loving, gratitude for the children we had the privilege of meeting because they taught me so much, and gratitude for our ability to make a small impact in the lives of all those whom we encountered. This will stay with me forever.

Kim Tiberia
VP of Account Management, NA