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Raptim Humanitarian Travel - Key Travel Merger

Key Travel and Raptim Humanitarian Travel are merging their business operations to form the world’s largest travel management company with exclusive focus on humanitarian, faith-based, and academic organizations.

This merger will enable both Key Travel and Raptim to better serve customers who travel to do good in the world. The merger has finalized in the US, and is currently in the integration phase in Canada. For more information about the merger, click here.

What changes will you see when the merger is finalized?

Both organizations are focused on our shared values of compassion and high-quality service. Combining our two companies and merging our systems creates an opportunity to collaborate more effectively and provide an even greater service to our customers. As we move forward, you will notice the following changes:

The Brand - from Raptim Travel to Key Travel
  - The Raptim website, is automatically redirect to Key Travel’s website. The Key Travel website is a great resource for Raptim traveller support and contact information.
  - The look and feel of invoices, confirmations, and other documents.

Social Media
Raptim’s social media accounts have been closed and no longer have new content. To stay updated on travel alerts, upcoming events and conferences, and more, be sure to follow the below social media accounts:
  - Key Travel Twitter
  - Key Travel LinkedIn

What will not be changing?

  - The level of service you receive.
  - The company’s values – compassion is always our priority.
  - The availability of humanitarian fares with added flexibility.
  - Your organization’s set up: traveler profiles will transfer to Key Travel’s systems when the integration is complete.

For existing Raptim Humanitarian Travel clients in Canada, you can find more information in the Additional Resources section.

If you have any questions about the merger or upcoming changes, please contact your Account Manager or email

Tel: +1 905-465-4300
Toll free: 1-800-667-5559