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Enhanced Screening Procedures for Flights to USA

Friday, July 14, 2017 1:00 PM

The ABTA Destinations Team have informed Key Travel that customers who are boarding flights from the UK to the US may be requested to have additional checks on their electronic devices by airport security personnel.

Those traveling with devices that are showing signs of internal or external damage, that cannot be removed from their protection case, or do not have sufficient battery life to turn on, are advised to travel with devices in their checked baggage or they may risk confiscation.

We recommend that travelers allow sufficient time to reach the boarding gates prior to the departure of their flight to USA due to allow for enhanced screening measures.

Further assistance

Should you require any assistance during office hours, please contact your dedicated reservations team. For emergency assistance outside of normal office hours please call the following number:

From within the United States : (888) 339 - 1502

From outside the United States: 001 - (646) 289 - 6808


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