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Faith Travel

We’ve been serving the needs of faith-based organizations since 1981.

Providing full-service travel management

Our specialist teams have the skills to expertly handle sensitive travel logistics, challenging destination requirements and complex routings involved in managing this type of travel. We do this through managed travel programs which in their most basic form include access to specialized humanitarian fares, a dedicated team of expert Travel Consultants, and a flexible and agile approach – all focused on getting your traveler or team where they need to be precisely when they need to be there, within policy and for the best price. We are confident that the benefits of all these services, combined with a customized travel program focusing on your objectives, is impossible to find anywhere else in the market.

Delivering 24-hour emergency assistance

Humanitarian care is typically unpredictable. Crises and unrest do not adhere to a calendar of events. Situations change fast and surprises happen. Our 24-hour emergency assistance service is there to meet these uncertainties. Our specialists are trained to provide active travel crisis support and fast reaction times. 

When your travelers may be facing the most risk or danger, and stress levels are at their highest, our agents focus on finding and delivering the most appropriate travel solutions.

Catering for your funding requirements

As a travel management company dedicated to the non-profit community, we understand that you depend upon a wide variety of funding sources. Whether government funded or private, each has their own requirements for transparency, service level agreements, purchasing guidelines and travel policies. Through our award-winning booking and data technology platform we offer customized management reporting that can easily track spending to budget, cost center expenditure, and project code analysis. You can be assured you are maximizing both your financial and human resources and have the tools needed to meet the reporting requirements of your funders and donors, at a project, individual or funder level.

Supporting across borders

Through our offices in the UK, USA and Europe we deliver a high-quality service to your people wherever they’re based in the world and whatever major currency they’re transacting in. Today our global reach supports customers across every continent and time zone. Your global travel program may require multiple policies and approvals, reflecting the needs, funding structure and cultures of your regional offices or affiliate organizations, and feature global fares, local travel partners and central or decentralized travel approvals. Whatever your organizational profile, we have the experience and technology to assist you in developing your global travel program.

Becoming a Partner

We invest our time and resource to develop a strong and successful travel program with you, customized to meet your objectives. From careful planning of the initial implementation and the introduction of unique new services, to ongoing joint account plans. We deliver tangible cost and time savings in tickets, rates and effective administration. We will also work closely with you to provide effective travel and carbon reporting, benchmarking data and consultative services, to encourage more relevant, data-driven decisions across your organization to maximize budgets and minimize resource.

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