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Faith Travel

We’ve been serving the needs of faith-based organizations since our founding in 1980 when we pioneered the first missionary airfare in the UK. Our faith sector ranges from large religious institutions to missionaries and clergy. Our experience with the humanitarian community gives us the expertise to take care of larger organizations, while our personalized service provides one-on-one assistance for the individual traveler. Whether you have an immediate need to deliver emergency relief aid or are working on a long-term welfare development solution, we are able to fulfill all of your travel needs.

Customized travel programs

Our customized travel programs include access to specialized humanitarian fares and a dedicated team of expert travel consultants, all focused on getting your traveler where and when they need to be, within policy and at the best price.

Humanitarian fares are often the least expensive flexible ticket, proven to generate significant savings for non-profit organizations; up to 30% in some cases. On occasions when humanitarian fares may appear slightly more expensive, they usually provide best overall value due to their added benefits and flexibility. Key Travel is proud to be one of only a select few TMCs globally, that have direct access to these contracts with airlines.

Expert Support

Our specialist humanitarian teams have the skills to handle sensitive travel logistics. Each consultant is trained to manage international travel to more remote areas of the world, especially to Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, as well as simple domestic travel. Most of our partners receive federal funding for some, if not all of their programs. Therefore, our travel consultants are well versed and rigorously trained on the Fly America Act. With offices in the US, UK, and Europe, we deliver a high-quality service wherever our clients are based; our global reach supports customers across every continent and time zone. 

“We cannot thank you enough for your assistance throughout this process! Your knowledge, determination, attentiveness and willingness to go above and beyond in order to smooth out the bumps is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for holding our hands along the way!”
– Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Humanitarian care is unpredictable. Our 24-hour emergency assistance service is there to support your travelers anywhere, anytime. Our emergency service is operated by our own staff, allowing us to maintain complete focus on our customers, with access to their specific needs and requirements. When your travelers face risk or uncertainty, and stress levels are at their highest, our emergency specialists are there to provide active travel crisis support.

As a travel management company that focuses solely on the non-profit community, we understand that you depend upon a wide variety of funding sources. Through our award-winning booking and data technology platform, we offer customized reporting solutions that can track spending, cost center expenditure, and project code analysis. Working with Key Travel allows you to maximize both your financial and human resources while having the tools needed to meet the reporting requirements of your funders and donors.