We invest our time and resource to develop a strong and successful travel programme with you; from careful planning of the initial implementation to setting clear objectives and goals.

Joining Key Travel

For new customers, your dedicated implementation team, will ensure any transition is smooth and stress-free. They’ll work with you to understand the needs of your travel programme (including integration of travel, risk and sustainability policies, approval and workflow processes and finance details) and from this will build an in-depth, bespoke implementation plan with you.

Welcome Aboard!

Once you’re onboard, your dedicated account manager (who you’ll have worked with during the implementation phase), will continue to get to know your specific travel requirements and will be available whenever you need support.

Our Account Managers are experts in specialist travel and working collaboratively to achieve your organisational goals and targets, that's what good travel account management is all about.

Through regular review meetings, they’ll work in partnership with you to maximise your travel programme by:

  • Reporting on cost savings, CO2 reduction and service levels
  • Increasing on-contract adoption, compliance to policy, and online usage
  • Updating you on specialist fare usage and preferred vendor programs
  • Efficiency enhancements e.g. from approval and invoicing workflow integration

Your dedicated account manager will also drive improvements through:

  • Recommendations for cost savings
  • Identifying opportunities for continuous improvements
  • Enhancing travel risk management and and duty of care
  • Sharing of best practices

and finally, they will continually work with you to develop your travel programme via proactive engagement with vendors regarding products and services that are relevant to you, as well as planning out developments to support changes to your travel requirements and evolving travel policies and procedures.

User Engagement & Upskilling

Travel Account Management is also about engaging with your bookers and travellers with agreed customised strategies and that's exactly what your dedicated Account Manager will do through:

  • Online and in-person workshops
  • Webinars
  • Virtual and in-person drop-in sessions
  • Marketing activity

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