Supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability goals

Cutting business travel emissions completely by stopping travel isn’t realistic and for many of our customers who travel to do good, travel is a necessity. So the challenge is how to decarbonise unavoidable travel.

We are proud to offer our customers a programme of sustainable travel tools including:

  • One of the most advanced carbon reporting tools in the travel industry, KT Insights, providing intuitive insights e.g. identifying carbon saving opportunities.  It also offers real-time data and analytics, with access to  in-depth carbon tracking & reporting results, empowering you to make decisions on your travel programme.
  • Carbon offsetting options thorough our partnership with Cool Effect, one of the world's leading carbon offsetting programme providers.
  • An integrated reduction strategy
  • Sustainable Travel policy template with a commitment to reduce CO2
  • Access to our Key Travel Treadlighter™ Index Audit (developed in collaboration with WWF UK)
  • Our Climate Action Plan (CAP) template, which supports our customers in aligning more effectively with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on Climate Action with regards to their travel activities.

In addition, we also provide as standard:

  • Total CO2 emissions on all quotes
  • Access to innovative products such as Carbon-neutral hotel rooms and eco fares, which provide greener travel options at no cost to the customer.
  • Ability to sort Online Booking Tool results by greenest option
  • Switching mode flights to rail where viable
From an environmental perspective, having access to travel data is vital to understanding and measuring our impact. Being able to search for the greenest options also helps our colleagues make informed decisions and access charity fares. I would absolutely recommend Key Travel to other organisations. - Environmental Manager - NGO Customer

We are also passionate about reducing our own environmental impact

As part of our efforts to safeguard our planet for future generations, we have an environmental management system which is audited annually and we hold ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is a standard put forward by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), who's purpose is to establish best practices for organisations which wish to reduce their environmental footprint.

We have offset all unavoidable emissions in the past 12 months and achieved carbon neutrality..

Our latest ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) rating (measured independently by Apex ESG) scored 81 out of 100: meaning Key Travel is rated 'Leader' in ESG and reflects that we are well ahead of sector benchmarks which were in the range 21-40.

The little things add up

We have put in place many small steps to make a big impact , these include:

  • Outlawing company vehicles.
  • Reducing office space to align with current occupancy.
  • Operating a hybrid workforce and closing offices on Fridays to reduce office electricity and energy use.
  • Optimising energy usage through temperature control and powering down appliances.
  • Segregating all waste and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Promoting recycling and reusability by staff.
  • Minimising paper use via electronic communication, paperless booking and recording keeping systems, making E-billing our preferred method of issuing invoices, and 100% airline e-ticketing.
  • Embedding senior manager approval for essential business travel.
  • Using videoconferencing where face-to-face meetings are not essential.
  • Stipulating staff use public transport to attend meetings where practicable.
  • Not providing staff parking facilities at offices to maximise the use of public transport to work.
  • Introducing a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme for staff.
  • Publishing our sustainability commitments and practices in policies internally and externally.
  • Launching our “Go Green for Key” initiative which rewards staff for undertaking sustainable activities.

We're recognised for our travel sustainability efforts

Receiving recognition for our innovation and drive to improve travel sustainability within our customers travel programmes, is something we're truly proud of.