We’re proud to be the largest travel management company serving charities, non-profits, faith-based organisations and academic institutions whose employees and volunteers travel the world to make a positive difference....

…and we’re on a mission to help them spread good in the world.

As the leading advocate for our customers’ unique needs with travel providers, we have negotiated an extensive portfolio of specialist fares offering them both savings and enhanced benefits.

Whether our customers are doing ground-breaking research internationally, helping young people expand their horizons, or running projects that transform lives and local communities, we are here to help, whenever and wherever they need us.

We deliver a high-quality service – saving customers money, simplifying travel arrangements, keeping travellers safe, and making travel more sustainable.

how we work

Our experienced account managers will get to know each client organisation’s specific travel requirements and be available whenever they need support, including to review progress and plans regularly.

And bookers have available our award-winning online booking tool as well as, if they are part of a larger organisation, access to efficient and friendly service from our agents, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

We’ll simplify all travel plans and arrangements using the latest technology - from booking transport and accommodation, organising visas and passports, and specialist and group travel, to keeping in touch with travellers and helping them stay safe when they’re on the road.

Our comprehensive Management Information reporting tools also help our customers maximise compliance with their organisation’s travel policies.

what we offer

We use our 40 years’ experience of organising non-profit travel to solve our customers’ unique travel needs in four important ways:


We save our customers money through our specialist air fares, plus travel intelligence, reporting and insights, comprehensive account management, and partnerships with leading travel service providers.

safety and well-being:

We provide an expert range of duty of care, risk management and crisis response services.


Our customised digital tools, including our own KT Online booking system, allow for flexible and easy booking, travel intelligence and reporting. With an average of eight years’ tenure, our agents also have deep expertise of simplifying complex itineraries.


We help our clients design sustainable business travel policies and manage their carbon footprint in line with global best practice. Bookers can search for and rank their greenest travel options, and offset their travel carbon emissions through our partner, Cool Effect, a world leader in carbon offsetting.

Our differentiators:

  • We exclusively serve the not-for-profit sector, with 5,000+ customers globally. We have over 4 decades of experience in managing the travel of not for profit organisations and are the leading advocates of our customers’ unique travel needs with travel providers.
  • We are the not for profit travel market leader with the largest portfolio of cost-saving specialist fares, designed by us exclusively for our customers, and the largest cross-country coverage across our sector. We currently support academic, humanitarian and faith based clients who travel to over 190 countries through 9 on the ground country operations spanning the UK, North America, Africa, and Europe with exclusive fares, offering enhanced conditions and significant savings compared to published fares.
  • We provide agile, award-winning proprietary technology built for the sector which is configurable to our customers unique needs.
    • We continue to sustain investment in our sector-leading technology platform with a £12m commitment over 3 years.  We are the first TMC worldwide to integrate Salesforce.com’s customer relationship management system with email and telephony in an offline service cloud, giving our agents instant access to every customer case history irrespective of location or time zone to maximise responsiveness to booking requests and customer queries.
    • This responsiveness is being enhanced by our recent launch of a new agent booking tool using the latest Amadeus platform, with a graphic user interface which integrates all the travel content in one system (which for TMCs worldwide is usually in multiple systems).
    • Our online booking tool is the most successful online booking tool in the sector, wholly owned and developed by Key Travel. It is an agile platform, supported by a user-friendly mobile app, that can manage multiple tiers of policy as well as multiple countries and is configurable to customers’ individual requirements by location and department.
  • Deeply embedded in our DNA is a bias for innovation and continuous improvement.
    • Key Travel invented the concept of specialist academic fares and has been driving their ongoing enhancement with travel providers for the past 40 years. Our specialist fares will always be cheaper than published fares. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver cost savings to you that we’ll give you a price match guarantee as part of our partnership. We recently launched “Do Good Rates” with the world’s largest hotel aggregator providing an additional 10-15% discount on their best rates for our customers as well as Carbon Neutral Hotel Rooms whereby the cost of offsetting carbon emissions from any hotel room booked is paid for by the aggregator.
    • We were the first to market with many world firsts in addition to our specialist sector fares. These include:
      • a risk management tool which provides destination risk assessments as well as pre-trip/in-trip risk alerts, and the ability to track travellers through the GPS co-ordinates of their mobile devices and communicate with them in real time.
      • a travel sustainability programme based on a proprietary methodology called Tread LighterTM, which uses global best practices to assist customers with more effective management of the carbon impact of their travel activity.
      • the sector’s most advanced management information tool which provides a comprehensive picture of client travel activity and spend by department, location and individual, including carbon emissions.
  • Our people are what makes us shine: their average tenure is 8 years, and our culture is based on compassion and service. We work hard to be the world’s most loved travel management company. Our people are driven by three core values: compassion, impact and simplicity which provides congruence with and support for the values of our customers. Our average Net Promoter Score over the past 3 years is 64.

external awards and recognition